Travel Awards

Travel Award Applications are NOW CLOSED!

The IASLC 19th World Conference on Lung Cancer is delighted to provide Travel Awards for the Young Investigator’s, Developing Nation, Patient Advocate and Nurse or Allied Health Professional.

Notifications of acceptance are expected to be available the week of June 25, 2018.

Award Winners

Developing Nation

Luciene Bonan, PhD
Liang-Liang Cai
Shruti Kate, MD
Natalia Khranovska, PhD
Milica Kontic, MD, PhD
Song Qi, MD, PhD
Orestes Santos Morales, MD
Dongrong Situ, MD
Malcolm Tagbarha, Mr.

IASLC Academy

Surein Arulananda
Ahmed Badawy
Marta Honorio
Jennifer Lewis
Jessica Lin
Tan Ling
Benjamin Lok
Alexander Louie
Deebya Mishra
Fabio Moraes
Pablo Munoz
Francesco Passiglia
Erin Schenk

IASLC International Mentorship Program 

Banu Atalar, MD
Manoj Gowda, MD
Nehemiya Igulu Bandese, Nurse
Yangsi Li, MD
Brooklyn Mazure
Valliappan Muthu, MD
Julieta Belén Pandolfi, MD, PhD
Kuruswamy Thurai Prasad, MD
Teerada Siripoon, MD
Jelena Spasic, MD
Shuyuan Wang, MD
Chao Zhang, MD
Jia-Tao Zhang, MD

Allied Health Professional 

Csaba Dégi, PhD


Barbara Gutierres, Nurse

Patient Advocate 

Caleb Egwuenu, B.Sc.
Nabanita Mandal
Erin Sarauer, M.S.
Juanita Segura
Vivek Tomar

Young Investigator’s

Arpita Desai, MD
Arooj Fatima, MD
Giovanni Fucà, MD
Silvia Garcia – Roman, PhD
Marjolein A Heuvelmans
Fang Hu, MD
Adam Januszewski, MD
Tao Jiang, MD, PhD
Jenny G. Turcott, PhD
Natalie Vokes, MD
Zyanya Lucia Zatarain-Barrón, MSc

Young Investigator's and Developing Nation Travel Awards

Travel Awards are available for Young Investigator's (35 years of age or younger) and Developing Nation (as defined by the IASLC Membership Guidelines*). These awards will consist of complimentary registration to the conference, up to four (4) night’s accommodation, a fixed amount to cover travel expenses and free membership in the IASLC for one year. If you fulfill all criteria for both awards, you may apply for both; however, if selected, you will only be offered one award.

*Currently corresponds to the World Bank list of countries in the following income groups: low income, lower middle income and upper middle income, or those countries where GNI per capita is US$12,476 or less. List of countries is available at

Eligibility for Young Investigator's Travel Award (35 years of age or younger)
Eligibility for Developing Nation Travel Award (as defined by the IASLC Membership Guidelines)
  • 35 years or younger at the time of the application
  • Submitter and presenter of an abstract accepted for presentation
  • Investigator from a Developing Nation*
  • Submitter and presenter of an abstract accepted for presentation
Supporting Materials for Young Investigator's Travel Award (35 years of age or younger) Supporting Materials for Developing Nation Travel Award (as defined by the IASLC Membership Guidelines)
  • Proof of age (eg. passport, driver's license, etc.)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement by the senior member (who must be a member of the IASLC) of the candidate's role in the research


  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Description of your interest and current research in lung cancer (1-5 pages)


Patient Advocate Travel Award


About the Patient Advocate Travel Award

In its efforts to increase links to patient advocates and advocacy organizations around the world, IASLC will offer travel awards to a limited number of patient advocates to attend and participate in the World Conference. The number of travel awards shall be limited to a maximum of 5. Fewer than the maximum amount may be awarded, depending on the interest, qualification of the applicants, and the review process. Applicants for the Advocacy Travel Award will be required to submit a detailed application, a summary of expected outcomes for attending, and any other supporting documentation required for review by IASLC. The award is open to organizations that could show 501(c)(3) or similar type of non-profit status, and to individuals not affiliated with an advocacy organization.

Awardees will receive:

  • Complimentary Conference registration
  • A fixed monetary amount (to be determined) to help offset travel costs
  • Up to 4 nights’ accommodation at one of the Conference contracted hotels
  • Free IASLC Membership for 2019

Please note that if your travel costs exceed the fixed monetary amount, the Conference will unfortunately not be able to provide further financial support. Any costs exceeding the fixed monetary amount will be at your own expense.

Eligibility for selection in 2018 will include:

  1. The demonstration that the organization or individual has limited financial resources – supported through IRS form 990 submission or other documentation;
  2. Compatibility between IASLC and the advocate or advocacy organizations’ missions, including the ability of IASLC to benefit from and contribute to the organization’s mission;
  3. Recent and potential future partnerships or strategic endeavors;
  4. A detailed plan and description of how information about the conference will be shared and promoted with members of the public;
  5. Priority will be given to first-time applicants and applicants who are not already receiving funding for attendance through their own or another organization; i.e. Global Lung Cancer Coalition;
  6. The individual applying must be a current member of IASLC for 2018 (visit to join);
  7. You must include the name and email of another IASLC member who endorses your application. Active members can contact the IASLC Regent from your region;
  8. For organizations applying, you must nominate ONLY ONE individual to represent the organization; multiple applications from individuals from the same organization will not be considered.


For any inquiries, please contact membership at

Nurse or Allied Health Professional Travel Awards

IASLC is offering the opportunity to apply for the Nurse or Allied Health Professional Travel Award that will come with a complimentary conference registration, 4 nights’ accommodation and 1,000 USD to help offset travel expenses.

To apply, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • You should be a submitter and presenter of an abstract accepted for presentation
  • You should certify/agree that you do not already have funding from another source (employer, etc.)
  • Your profession is Nursing or Allied Health related (as per list below)
  • You are either from a Developing Country OR you are under 35 years of age
  • You should submit a full CV for consideration

Nurse or Allied Health Specializations

Advocacy Navigation Physiotherapy
Statistics/Biostatistics Nurse Navigator Radiation Oncology Nursing
Case Management Nursing Respiratory Therapy
Clinical Nurse Specialist Occupational Therapy Social Work
Dietitian/Nutritionist Palliative Care/Symptom Management Speech & Language
Infusion Nurse Pharmacy Surgical Nursing
Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist Physician Assistant Other Allied Health Profession
Important Dates
Travel Award Application Deadline May 4, 2018
Abstract Submission Deadline May 4, 2018
Travel Award Notifications June 22, 2018

For any inquiries, please contact wclc2018-abstracts at